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Welcome to Danglers Den! Home of all obsessed Hockey fans! You might here some companies say “we have something for everyone!”, well we think we have everything for all obsessed hockey fans! We (we meaning I) have spent many hours researching everything from power skating instruction to synthetic ice! I like many of you am living vicariously through my son’s and their extracurricular activities. This site will primarily focus on Hockey but you might find other timbits (I know this should read tidbits but I thought timbits would be more appropriate especially since were talking about Hockey!)

I spent many hours researching synthetic ice and everything related to the entire indoor/basement Hockey experience. Synthetic ice is still a relatively new product and because of that I found it difficult to find everything I required to get set up. We at Danglers Den are trying to become your “one stop shop” (I’m not a fan of that expression but I thought it was appropriate in this case), we can source everything from the synthetic ice, boards, radar guns, scoreboards, to instructions to install the ice in your basement.

We (once again we actually means I) spent many hours researching camps, tournaments, equipment, associations, and pretty much everything else associated with Hockey! So the Hockey Dad’s section should be full of useful information! Hopefully this helps saves some time because I know the hours I spent looking around!

Other topics or sections on this site include, Hockey Mom’s, this will be full of useful information pertaining to Mom’s, a Kids section, and even a Coaches and Manager section!

Ive also created some Dangling T’s, you can check out our T-Shop here

This is Hockey! Get inspired! (Check our this video below, thanks to Cory Conacher for tweeting it)

If I’ve missed anything please feel free to touch base with me and I will do my best to research the topic and include it on this site for everyone else.

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